Тема: Allium karataviense ssp. henrikii

Janis, what is mean

type collection, 1996


When (month, year, may be date) the photo was taken?

Re: Allium karataviense ssp. henrikii

Type collection means that this plant was used for type herbarium when I published this species as subsp. henrikii of Allium karataviense. The collecting data is the same as on other pictures of this taxa uploaded by me today - 2nd May, 1996 (just checked my diary of that year).

Re: Allium karataviense ssp. henrikii

Please, add date when photos are taken in descriptions of images which your have uploaded!
People should not guess about dates. We have to provide exact and clean information about it.

And read the rules how to describe images:  https://translate.google.com/translate? … tures.html
It's already my THIRD attempt to convey information to you hmm